RealJobDescription - Learn what people really do at work

Learn what people really do at work

About provides a platform for job-holders to inform other people, including students trying to decide on an academic major and/or a career direction, new entrants to the workforce, and people who are interested in changing careers, about what their jobs are actually like.


Job opening descriptions from human resources departments often are stiff and impersonal, and may not accurately reflect what people actually do in their jobs.


We believe that information about what real people actually do in their jobs, including what their daily work routines are like, and how they feel about their jobs, is as useful and important information as official job descriptions. It can also be a lot more interesting to read!


Users of the site are encouraged to post their own job descriptions in the spirit of sharing information with and helping other users.


Our goal is for the site to become a large and high quality database of real job descriptions that serves as an indispensable tool for people who are thinking about career choices or actively seeking jobs.


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