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Attorney – Civil Litigation

I am an attorney at a firm that does almost exclusively civil litigation defense. Our practice is atypical in that 80% or so of our cases are out of state, so we travel quite a bit.


On non-travel days, I’m usually in by 8:00 a.m. and out by 6:00 p.m. Most of my time in the office is spent discussing cases with other attorneys or occasionally clients, researching legal issues, and drafting either briefs/pleadings or memos to the clients updating them on what is going on. Some time is also spent on preparing experts or clients for hearings or depositions. If I have a deposition coming up, I’ll spend time preparing for that, though a lot of that is done when I’m on planes and trains. Most of the emails I field are from our attorneys or other attorneys on our side, kicking around ideas for strategies, motions, etc.


When I’m on the road I spend a lot of time preparing for whatever hearing or deposition I am traveling for. The time spent doing the actual “thing” (the hearing or the depo) is always much shorter than the prep time.


I don’t spend a lot of time on the phone, though I generally don’t like spending a lot of time on the phone.


Occasionally, I am actually in trials or mock trials, and when those are up and running they are all-encompassing.

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