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English Teacher – High School

I’m a high school English teacher at a private school. I teach a full schedule but leave before the end of the school day because my employer accommodates my children’s schedule; thus, I don’t do lunch duties or study hall proctoring, and my schedule is atypical.


7:30am (or earlier): I’m in my classroom giving extra help to any students who stop by.


8-8:40am: My prep period: grading, lesson planning, communicating with parents, photocopying.


8:40-10:08: I teach back to back freshman classes (approx. 20 students in each class).


10:08-10:52: I teach a junior class (22 students).


10:52-11:36: Lunch with colleagues (and grading/emailing, usually, plus posting homework assignments online).


11:36-12:20: One more freshman English class (17 students).


12:20-1:04: One more junior English class (21 students).


1:04-1:30ish: Pack up whatever grading I need to do at home, call parents and/or interact with my dept. head/administration if necessary.


Then I leave school and get my kids. Sometimes I have to be back at school from 2:30-3:30ish for department meetings or to run the yearbook club (I’m the advisor). After the kids are in bed, I usually put in an hour or two grading or reading to keep up with the students’ assignments, or go online looking for new ways to present my materials. I also sometimes need to answer student emails if they have homework questions or parent emails about grades and so on.


On weekends, I usually need a large block of time (four hours or more) to grade student essays and write lesson plans. I also do some SAT tutoring every weekend to make extra money.

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