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Legal Assistant

I work part-time (9-2, Monday to Friday) as a paralegal/secretaryish type of person, working for one attorney in a small law firm. His practice centers mostly around residential real estate, wills/estates/probate work and matrimonial.


- I draft up all the documents we’ll need for the various things we do: letters, e-mails, wills, deeds, mortgages, separation agreements, divorce judgments, probate petitions, etc. Some of I have streamlined down to MS Word merge documents, but some I have to generate from scratch, which is tricky, because if I miss a piece of important information it can come back to haunt us later.


- I do online research for estate work and real estate stuff. When someone dies, even if they have a will, you have to send documentation to family members, which means you have to get a family tree and track down everyone on it. (It’s especially annoying when someone dies and they didn’t have kids, but had eleven siblings, some of which are deceased. You have to send documentation to nieces and nephews, and they’re spread out across the country, and IT’S ANNOYING.) You have to check the chain of title for a property to make sure the documentation you’re creating is correct.


- I order office supplies, answer e-mails [my boss doesn't have a computer in his office; it all goes through me]. He doesn’t make me answer his phone (which I appreciate). I keep his trust checking account balanced; I tell him when he has to pay the copier bill and the postage meter bill and the office supply bill.


- I go with my boss when he has to travel to an elderly client’s house to get a will executed. I messenger packages to the county clerk for recording, to other attorneys for delivery, to banks to payoff mortgages.


My days vary wildly; sometimes I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off from start to finish, other times I IM with my sister and watch movies on Netflix. I’m very fortunate that my boss has a “you can do whatever you want on the internet, as long as the work gets done” attitude.


And today my coworker’s roommate brought in their two Dachshund puppies and we all played with them for a while.


I love my job.

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