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Medical Language Specialist/Transcriptionist

I work for a large medical center and I work from home every day, using a dedicated computer that is supplied by the hospital. Although I’m working from home, I still have assigned hours that I work, so that we can provide 24/7 coverage. My usual hours are 2:30-10:00 Tues-Sat and I usually work through my lunch period as I don’t like to break my concentration once I get started working. I often work an entire 8-hour shift and only get up from my chair once (bad, I know). I have daily production goals I need to meet and if I go beyond those goals I get incentive pay in addition to my usual hourly pay rate.


My hospital has recently gone to a voice-recognition dictation system which means I no longer listen to a report dictated by a provider and type that report. Instead, when I sign into the computer system I get routed a job which consists of a voice-recognized document and the matching voice file that the provider dictated. Listening to the voice file, I work through the document correcting the version on the screen to match what I am hearing. I have to pay close attention to context, watching for sound-alike words (discrete/discreet for instance; there are many many others), getting drugs and their dosages correct, and making sure the lab values I hear match the ones in the report. If I have questions, there are several resources available to me. I can check the patient’s electronic chart for older records, pharmacy records, lab reports, etc. The internet is a great resource for spelling and defining unfamiliar terms although you have to be careful to separate the wheat from the chaff. I also have to format the document to meet the facility style guidelines. Once the report has been corrected and reads as the provider intended, I send it off to be reviewed and electronically signed by the dictating provider and then it is incorporated into the patient’s electronic medical record. As I send off the edited report for signature, I am routed another one and begin the process over again.

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