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Membership Data Manager

I’m the Membership Data Manager for a non-profit organization.  


I do a lot of database queries using our AMS (Association Management Software) for people inside the organization. Think: “Can you pull a list of members who are THIS and THAT but have never done WHATSIT?” Most of them are done within the software but many times I end up working with our database administrator to have SQL queries written for the more complicated ones. I use Microsoft Access often to join two lists for further analysis. Our AMS is not very intuitive to use. So I’m learning best practices and spreading them around, which will help clean up the input. I need to write some data entry rules to keep everything as standardized as possible. I also assist our IT department with AMS upgrade issues. 


I have various projects in motion at the moment to help keep our database clean and reporting accurate. I assist in defining/redefining what kind of data we gather and from where. Membership application forms? Journal subscriptions? Friend-get-a-friend referrals? How much data do we need on a member to consider the record complete? How can we best tag these records so that we can pull audiences faster and more accurately? 


I work a standard office schedule – Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm with a lunch. The majority of my days are filled with meetings, Excel, Access, email. Oh, and weekly reports. Every deskbound job I’ve ever had involves weekly reports. Lately they’re starting to be called dashboards.

I help our members who find their way to my telephone and email box by processing payments and answering general questions. I fill in at the front desk answering phones when needed. I’ll sit at a booth at conferences when needed and ask people to sign up. There’s a small amount of travel involved. I like these duties – to me it makes our members more than just the bits and bytes that make up their record.

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