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Multimedia Specialist

I make games for online courses to help reinforce concepts taught in the class.


Official Title is “Multimedia Specialist” but in reality is mostly “Flash Developer”.


I work less by the days and more by the projects. Most days I’m 9-5 I’m writing code. But by the project:


1. Meet with instructor to talk about how the games might help and what I can do.
2. Wait for instructor to write content. In a perfect world, I would have this staggered such that I would have content from other instructors while I’m waiting.. but I often find myself with stretches of time where I don’t have nearly as much to do mirrored by times when I have way too much to do.
3. Meet with the instructor again to discuss what they expect and need from the game. Also to clarify what exactly the content is suppose to cover. I ran into a wall with a Calculus class once, where I was having to design a game that teached a concept I didn’t understand. not an easy task, let me tell you.
4. Design the User Interface, prep UI elements for coding
5. Write code.
6. Research errors in code and code I don’t know how to write.
7. Write more code.
8. Test. Test test test. Make sure it works. Try to anticipate what the student could do to break the game. Repeat 5-8 until it’s finished.
9. Write instructions, prep game to be viewed in web browsers.
10. Send the game to the instructor, have them play it, and send me feedback and changes.
11. make requested changes.
12. upload game onto server. Link it in our learning management system.
13. Test again to make sure everything works.
14. Let project manager and instructor know it’s complete.
15. Hope to god our LMS/Server doesn’t bork and break the game.

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