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Senior Data Analyst – Financial Company

I am a senior data analyst at a financial company.

I usually have very regular hours, starting work at 8:00 and logging off at 4:00. During projects with crazy timelines, my hours tend to go towards 8:00 to 6:00, never after 7:00.┬áBecause I’m effectively on early shift, I spend the first hour in the morning reading and replying back to email, creating ad hoc reports, analysis or data extracts that need to be fulfilled by our team first thing in the morning.
I am project based so I usually have a standup or touchpoint meeting of some sort by the time 9:00 rolls around. Most of my work is done during the early phases of the project: that’s where I poke around various databases, do data analysis, look for quirks, summarize business rules, reach out to data vendors, etc. The data I work with can be anything from trade books, transaction masters, security data, credit ratings, marketable security prices to tic data, depending on project. Often, I have to learn on the spot and ask lots of questions to the people who own the data/system, while recognizing that that every hour of them is probably worth a few thousand dollars. During the latter half of the project, I usually support the other teams that use my analysis and help them understand the data.

Most of my work ends up as email, large spreadsheets, requirement & specification documents and/or flow diagrams. Outside of project base work, I have several financial data areas that I am the specialist on the team for, so sometimes a business unit or systems support team will ask us to help with troubleshooting and understanding unexpected data. (ie. we thought this event type can never have this value in this attribute, it doesn’t make financial sense, can you tell us what it means and if it will happen again?). I also handle vendor relationship management for certain business units.

I quite like my work but because I work with so many business units, I have to be very careful about what I communicate, who I talk to, and how I say it. Off the record Office Communicator chats are a godsend.

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