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Workforce Manager

I’m workforce management at a call center of about 250 people, and I also handle payroll, FMLA management, training planning, and ID management.


Payroll data feeds automatically out of our time management system every two weeks – the only things I have to touch manually are things that were not right in the time management system when it fed to payroll. There are only a few days per two-week pay cycle in which payroll is open for me to make updates, and usually we don’t have that many, so payroll is not a huge amount of my time though I may receive occasional disputes on other days.


FMLA approvals for people come in maybe once every few weeks (and I think this is on the high side), and I record them in a spreadsheet so that my coworkers and I all know who has an active approval.


ID issues may come in once a week or so, and otherwise we have a new hire class starting every six weeks or so and I have to set up all the IDs for them. None of this takes a huge amount of time or research, mostly lots of copy-pasting and ticket submissions.


For training, I run a brief conference call once a week in which I talk to our trainers’ supervisors and our training analyst about what’s coming up and who is training what. We don’t have that much classroom training outside of normal new hire classes, but in the event we do, I get everyone scheduled and send out meeting makers and notify the trainer of what the schedule will be.


I also am the de facto expert, I guess, within my call center anyway, on how our time off system and attendance corrective action works – all questions get routed to me and I guess my previous boss dubbed me admin when he left? It’s not hard, though sometimes I have to dig through the Help files.


During the rest of my time, my four coworkers and I split the duties on processing time off requests that come in via email or voicemail, recording tardies and OT from the previous day that we found on the PC login reports, and managing intraday staffing (trying to make sure everybody is doing what they’re supposed to be doing, and offering OT or early release if we look like we are going to be short-staffed or overstaffed). My coworkers also have a few reports they run on phone time and how well the agents followed their schedules, as well as headcount reports.


I have an exorbitant amount of downtime, like really at least 80% of my day. My other coworkers do too, really, though they might be more at 50% or a bit lower. Part of this is that I am a very fast worker (I’ve taken over duties from three people who left and were not replaced) but considering most of my duties are not things I have to do every day I think that anyone who is organized and has a good handle on rules and regulations could do this job pretty easily.

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